About us

IHodlLife is not just a brand, It's a lifestyle. A crypto lifestyle!

We have a passion for crypto and we are dedicated to supplying only the BEST crypto merchandise.


Connecting you to a trusted group of businesses that accept cryptocurrency as payment for their products or services.


Education is KEY!

IHodlLife and their partners will keep you up to date in this digital revolution with Executive level Blockchain training courses available through our E-learning Center


If you have love for crypto, blockchain, metaverse, NFT's and everything related, then IHodlLife is perfect for you.!!

From Hardware wallets, apparel, payment terminals, crypto giveaways, to events, airdrops and more.... IHodlLife is the community to be a part of.


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Meet the Founder

Tristan Schroeder

Founder, CEO IHodlLife Inc.

Calgary, Alberta Canada