About us

IHodlLife is not just a brand, It's a lifestyle.

A crypto lifestyle!


IHodlLife Overview

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have become a lifestyle and at IHodlLife we understand that,

1* We are dedicated to providing the best crypto merchandise.


  • Digital smart wallets
  • Passphrase protection 
  • NFT’s
  • Accessories
  • Apparel


Are you ready for the crypto and blockchain revolution? Is your business ready?

New Digital Smart Wallets from IHodlLife with QR scan and NFC tap technology allow you to take your cryptocurrency out into the real world or the meta world and materialize it the same way you do with your debit or visa card. However, this time there is no intermediaries required.

Consumers can now have the freedom of true financial custody right in the palm of their hand.

Built in Military vault grade security will make you feel safe when making a transaction. The beautiful 2.8” color touchscreen display takes the user experience to a whole new level of simplicity. So easy to use that a child or an elderly person could do it.


Soon to be the world’s most trusted form of peer 2 peer transaction.



2* We are dedicated to supplying easily deployable crypto payment terminals and branded cryptocurrencies for merchants.


  • Merchant software
  • Merchant hardware
  • Branded tokens


The future of commerce is here. Instant connect, Instant pay, Instant rewards.

Start accepting cryptocurrency for your products and services anywhere and everywhere. Take advantage of all the benefits cryptocurrency and blockchain has to offer.

The days of giving away your profitability are over.

Merchants can now benefit from 0% fees on all B2C and B2B transactions.

Businesses can now build brand awareness and customer retention with branded customizable merchant portals and payment terminals.

Express your business your way.

IHodlLife Merchant and consumer reward programs go beyond points and allow users to participate in community, offers, discounts, access, promotions, airdrops, cashbacks, or should I say cryptobacks, staking rewards, governance and more.

Enjoy exposure and organic traffic from the crypto space.

Merchants are listed in the IHodlLife ecosystem making them easy to find for consumers.

Give your customers options with crypto payments, community participation and rewards all at the same time.

Pre-designed with anticipation to operate with government CBDC’s.

You and your business can be prepared and ready when they release our new digital dollars.


Soon to be the world’s most trusted form of payment.



3* We are dedicated to connecting consumers with a trusted group of crypto and blockchain ready businesses


  • Online and offline businesses that accept cryptocurrency for their products and/or services
  • An ecosystem of services and rewards


Searching for hours online to find businesses that are up to speed and crypto ready can be a daunting task. It seems impossible to find out who does and doesn’t accept crypto payments. Thanks to IHodlLife ecosystem now you can find all those businesses in one place and those businesses can now find you too! Businesses can now gain access to billions in crypto holdings.


Soon the metaverse will enable us to interact personally without leaving our homes. In what ever avatar we choose of course.


4* We are dedicated to educating from beginner to expert. Crypto and Blockchain training courses and classes.


  • Executive blockchain-training courses and classes
  • Cryptocurrency investing training class
  • Free onboarding learning courses (Coming Q3 2022)


IHodlLife has carefully chosen strategic partners to offer cryptocurrency and blockchain education and training to the masses. We are here to prepare you. Striving to release cutting edge innovative learning that will help shape our future.


Custom tailored executive blockchain training courses and classes designed to take your business to new heights in this revolutionary era.



5* We are dedicated to community, culture, lifestyle and the development of a decentralized metaverse


  • Living better
  • Smart investing
  • Games and hangouts
  • Financial custody
  • IHodl community reward token
  • Decentralized


"There is only one community to be a part of. The one that includes and rewards everyone" - IHodlLife

Welcome to the IHodlLife Lifestyle. Living better is mutual.



6* We are dedicated to innovation, vision and improving quality of life and community


  • Financial custody simplicity and interoperability
  • Decentralized governance
  • Education
  • Bank the unbanked
  • Virtual commerce
  • Shop 2 Earn
  • Learn 2 Earn
  • Stake 2 Earn
  • Yield 2 Earn
  • Hodl 2 Earn
  • Play 2 Earn
  • Watch 2 Earn
  • Business 2 Earn
  • Community 2 Earn


At IHodlLife we are much more than a product, a service or community. We are an entity in its own self. A representation of lifestyle and living better. We are an example of understanding and true financial custody. We are advocates of simplicity and peer to peer transactions. We are a togetherness, a unity, a team. 


If you have love for crypto, blockchain, metaverse, NFT's and everything related, then IHodlLife community is perfect for you.!!

From Hardware wallets, apparel, payment terminals, crypto giveaways, to events, airdrops earnings and more.... IHodlLife is the community to be a part of.



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Meet the Founder

Tristan Schroeder

Founder, CEO IHodlLife Inc.

Ottawa, Ontario Canada